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Previous versions of Adminsoft Accounts

For a log of changes made to the software from v4.000 onwards, click Version Log

We strongly recommend you use the latest version of the software. However, should you wish to download any of the previous versions of the software, just click on the relevant link below:

v4.160   8th Apr 2017
v4.159   7th Mar 2017
v4.157   14th Feb 2017
v4.156   9th Feb 2017
v4.154   3rd Jan 2017

v4.152   9th Dec 2016
v4.150   6th Dec 2016
v4.149   15th Nov 2016
v4.148   12th Oct 2016
v4.147   22nd Sep 2016
v4.146   6th Sep 2016
v4.144   1st Aug 2016
v4.143   23rd Jul 2016
v4.141   14th May 2016
v4.140   9th Apr 2016
v4.138   29th Mar 2016
v4.137   3rd Mar 2016
v4.135   12th Jan 2016

v4.134   12th Dec 2015
v4.133   27th Nov 2015
v4.132   23rd Nov 2015
v4.131   9th Nov 2015
v4.130   7th Sep 2015
v4.127   27th Jul 2015
v4.126   17th Jul 2015
v4.124   11th May 2015
v4.122   12th Mar 2015
v4.121   16th Feb 2015
v4.120   2nd Feb 2015
v4.118   6th Jan 2015

v4.117   21st Nov 2014
v4.116   17th Oct 2014
v4.115   7th Oct 2014
v4.112   2nd Sep 2014
v4.109   24th Jul 2014
v4.108   10th Jul 2014
v4.107   5th Jul 2014
v4.106   26th Jun 2014
v4.105   19th Jun 2014
v4.104   2nd Jun 2014
v4.103   24th May 2014
v4.100   12th May 2014
v4.096   15th Apr 2014
v4.089   17th Mar 2014
v4.088   3rd Mar 2014
v4.085   8th Feb 2014
v4.084   5th Feb 2014
v4.082   9th Jan 2014

v4.080   28th Dec 2013
v4.075   16th Nov 2013
v4.074   26th Sep 2013
v4.071   31st Aug 2013
v4.069   12th Aug 2013
v4.068   27th Jul 2013
v4.067   12th Jun 2013
v4.065   20th May 2013
v4.063   2nd May 2013
v4.062   23rd Apr 2013
v4.061   15th Apr 2013
v4.060   29th Mar 2013
v4.059   27th Mar 2013
v4.058   2nd Mar 2013
v4.057   4th Feb 2013
v4.055   23rd Jan 2013
v4.052   8th Jan 2013

v4.050   22nd Dec 2012
v4.047   29th Oct 2012
v4.045   2nd Oct 2012
v4.043   22nd Aug 2012
v4.041   27th Jul 2012
v4.040   1st Jul 2012
v4.036   12th May 2012
v4.035   19th Apr 2012
v4.034   9th Apr 2012
v4.033   21st Mar 2012
v4.032   1st Mar 2012
v4.031   7th Feb 2012
v4.030   28th Jan 2012
v4.029   21st Jan 2012
v4.027   12th Jan 2012

v4.024   5th Nov 2011
v4.021   15th Oct 2011
v4.020   8th Oct 2011
v4.019   7th Sep 2011
v4.018   29th Aug 2011
v4.017   20th Aug 2011
v4.016   12th Aug 2011
v4.015   2nd Aug 2011
v4.014   22nd Jul 2011
v4.012   12th Jul 2011
v4.009   18th Jun 2011
v4.006   18th Apr 2011
v4.005   9th Apr 2011
v4.003   28th Mar 2011
v4.001   23rd Mar 2011
v4.000   19th Mar 2011
 (First using Microsoft Visual FoxPro v9)

v3.234   6th May 2011  (Last using Microsoft Visual FoxPro v7)
v3.233   31st Mar 2011
v3.231   16th Mar 2011
v3.229   23rd Feb 2011
v3.219   22nd Oct 2010

v3.217   12th Aug 2010
  (Last using Microsoft Visual FoxPro v6)
v3.210   18th Jun 2010
v3.205   12th May 2010
v3.201   12th Apr 2010
v3.199   17th Mar 2010
v3.196   27th Feb 2010
v3.194   8th Feb 2010
v3.192   15th Jan 2010

v3.191   24th Dec 2009
v3.190   2nd Dec 2009
v3.189   24th Nov 2009
v3.178   10th Sep 2009
v3.174   8th Aug 2009
v3.169   13th Jun 2009
v3.165   22nd May 2009
v3.164   20th May 2009
v3.163   16th May 2009
v3.162   6th May 2009
v3.158   18th Feb 2009

v3.154   22nd Dec 2008
v3.150   21st Oct 2008
v3.149   6th Oct 2008
v3.136   2nd May 2008
v3.131   28th Feb 2008
v3.129   4th Feb 2008

v3.120   16th Nov 2007
v3.116   29th Oct 2007
v3.109   5th Sep 2007
v3.108   3rd Sep 2007
v3.106   20th Aug 2007
v3.102   7th Aug 2007
v3.098   19th Jul 2007
v3.097   14th Jul 2007
v3.088   12th May 2007
v3.077   9th Apr 2007
v3.075   5th Feb 2007
v3.074   31st Jan 2007

v3.062   28th Dec 2006

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