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Software Changes Log

From v4.000 I have tried to keep a log of most of the changes and bug fixes made to the software. There will be many very minor changes/fixes not detailed. As always, time is at a premium, so it is not possible to record everything. But hopefully, for users who need to know what's changed, and when, this log will be of help.

You should be aware, not every software version mentioned here was made available for public download. But of course all the changes/fixes are accumulative, so if a software version is not available, all the changes/fixes in that version will be in the later versions. Also, for the sake of speed, the ledgers are sometimes referred to as S/L (Sales Ledger, Accounts Receivable), P/L (Purchase Ledger, Accounts Payable), and N/L (Nominal Ledger, General Ledger).

v4.162 26th May 2017

v4.160 8th April 2017

v4.159 7th March 2017

v4.157 14th February 2017

v4.156 9th February 2017

v4.154 3rd January 2017

v4.151 8th December 2016

v4.150 6th December 2016

v4.149 15th November 2016

v4.148 12th October 2016

v4.147 22nd September 2016

v4.146 6th September 2016

v4.144 1st August 2016

v4.143 23rd July 2016

v4.141 14th May 2016

v4.140 9th April 2016

v4.138 29th March 2016

v4.137 3rd March 2016

v4.135 12th January 2016

Archived software version log for changes made prior to 2016

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