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"We’ve been using your excellent software since September 2013 and our group has grown considerably in that time." Hedley, UK.

"I have been using the Adminsoft accounts system successfully for 6 months now." Ashley, UK.

"I am new to this software but it has come highly recommended." Val, UK.

"I have downloaded Adminsoft and I am having a look at the software looks great." Mohammed, United Arab Emirates.

"I am far from being a natural book-keeper or accounts clerk, so thank you for providing such comprehensive and clear guidance notes. I have, so far, been extremely impressed by the Adminsoft Accounts package. I am using it for a sole trader consultancy registered for the VAT flat rate scheme, and your accounts software has made the switch to HMRC's MTD VAT submission regime a lot easier (and - thank you - considerably less expensive) than it might have been." David, UK.

"First of all thank you for the wonderful Adminsoft software. It is really a lifesaver for us." Danie, South Africa.

"Thanks again for you Brilliant Accounting Software." Simon, UK.

"Thank you for the great software, we started using Adminsoft in 2018." Muath, Saudi Arabia.

"Thank you for developing such a powerful free accounting software." Norman, UK.

"I would just like to congratulate you guys on this software. I will definitely be promoting this within my circle of Taxi groups." Pete, UK.

"Great accounting program indeed." Fouad, UK

"I have been using adminsoft accounting for years successfully." Robin, South Africa.

"I am a new user of computerised accounts and find that Adminsoft is first-class and very easy to follow." Valerie, UK.

"I am using your software more than 7 years. thank you very much for your valuable service." Rizwan, South Africa.

"This is the best thing ever, ever, ever and made me clap in stupid excitement!" Nick, UK

"So far I am very impressed with your Accounting software." Sue, UK

"I've really enjoyed using your software for the past few years." Stephen, UK.

"I have been using Adminsoft for over 8 years now and think it is an incredibly robust and user friendly system. Well done!!" Derek, UK

"Great accounting software, thank you." Ernest, Netherlands.

"Your software has been so helpful, in fact you are really affecting your generation positively. I say more grease to your elbow." Abbey, UK

"I downloaded your software today and am just starting to work with it. It is great, thank you for developing it and sharing it for free!" Vicky, UK.

"I have been getting your software up and running on my system for this new financial year and I must say I'm very pleased with how it is working." Gary, UK

"I am a professional accountant with over 18 working years experience. I am presently a financial/management consultant. I have been recommending your software to my clients." Sandra, UK

"I love your software! As a bookkeeper I have found your software to be the best in the market and I really commend all the work you have put in!" Carmen, Zimbabwe

"I have been using Adminsoft on and off for a while now and really like the package." Anne, UK

"Only just started with the software but it looks ideal for the sports club I am trying to get off paper and onto a computer for there accounts." Phil, UK

"First of all thanks! for creating this software. I am completely new to book keeping and accounts packages. I've looked at others and adminsoft looks more intuitive than anything else." Joanna, UK

"I am very much thankful to you for your accounting software for very small traders like me. You are providing very great support to peoples like me." Ashish, India

"The reason we picked your software is its the only one that fulfilled our needs, (I checked out probably 80 systems for Mac and Windows so keep up the good work)." Keith, UK

"i am a new user to adminsoft and ive got to say so far i think its great." Lewis, UK

"Loving the software. Have recommend to all our friends." Mahendra, Indonesia

"I love your software." Belinda, UK

"Let me just say that I have been using your software for a while to control a tiny consultancy business and it has been working really well and is nice and easy to use – I am a non accountant!" Don, UK

"Adminsoft Account is a great idea and a beautiful work." Alberto, Angola

"We are using Admin Soft for a new company & it is handling everything well." Gareth, UK

"All you do is great work and I love the system." Steve, New Zealand

"Your software is excellent and I often recommend it when asked what software I am using." Philip, France

"I am a great fan of your software and I have recommended it to many people." Robert, UK

"I've tried ur software, it is really easy to operate n data entry." Yustinus, Singapore

"I have been using your software for a little while now. its great, thank you." Steve, UK

"By the way, so glad we got rid of XXXX and bought your software, I'm finding it much better, and the support is brilliant!" Karen, UK

"I'm currently looking at using your Adminsoft accounts package for my contracting business. I like the layout of the startup interface, it's easy to follow." Barry, UK

"We have used your software for many years successfully with no problems." Terry, UK

"I am looking at your Admin software with the Auto manager, I’m impressed with what I’ve seen so far. Steve, New Zealand

"Id like to start off by saying your freeware is absolutely amazing, it is extremely easy to use and a very well thought out piece of software." Craig, Ireland

"I’m very new to accounting and after researching different software packages decided to use your software for my company." Rob, Australia

"I have used Adminsoft on my main computer for some time and am very impressed." Keith, UK

"I really appreciate using your software and all the hard work you have put into it." Jim, UK

"Thanks for this wonderful software!" Eugene, South Africa

"I'm attempting to use this software for the first time, Its been quite user friendly so far." Norris, Canada

"First of all I would like to congratulate you on an amazing and wonderful accounting system!" Nicholas, UK

"I must confess this business software impresses more and more and keep up the good work in my eyes so much better than over rated and priced XXXX." Kieran, UK

"I would like to thank you for the Free Accounting Software, I really enjoy using it because its simple and straight forward." Thom, Malawi

"Thank you for creating this program." Ben, UK

"I would like to say what a fantastic system this is, I am an accountant looking into using this for a small business and on the whole this is an excellent system which I would recommend." Cathy, UK

"Its a great product! Thank you. I have recommended it to some friends." Thys, South Africa

"Love the software." Noel, New Zealand

"I really appreciate your work for this software." Rana, UK

"Thank you for all you do for us little guys." Benjamin, USA

"I m really appriciate your team work and you done a very good job." Nuwan, Sri Lanka

"I am really thankful for this amazing program that you have made available. It is working well for the small business I administer." Mark, New Zealand

"I love your software." Cherry, Hong Kong

"We have been exploring Adminsoft, it looks very good." Richard, UK

"I am enjoying your program immensely. Thank you for a great product." Ronetta, South Africa

"Love the software, I recommend it to all my friends." Diana, UK

"First let me thank you for offering such an wonderful compact software free for the accounting world." Anil, India

"I am using your software, and found it to be very useful, thank you for the great work you do!!" Calvyn, South Africa

"Have been using your fabulous programme for 2 years now and recommend it to all my friends." Diana, UK

"I have been using your excellent software for a couple of years and was very pleased to see the new 'Payments by Payment type' Report in the V4.137 update." David, UK

"Just found your system after 3 days of testing other products. I love it, easy to use and so powerful." Steve, UK

"I have installed Adminsoft on my laptop and it works beautifully." Annemarie, UK

"After looking through available software, your product seems to be a wonderful alternative to my current program." DC, USA

"Found your software mentioned online and have been initially impressed." Scott, UK

"I am beginning to successfully use your system. So far It is meeting my best expectations – and I can assure you they are high. I have rather a lot of Accountancy IT experience on my CV! This includes some FTSE100 Companies, some of the major systems in Mainframe, Mini-Computer and PC systems and includes Beta Test work with a couple of software houses." Michael, UK

"I have used Adminsoft on my Windows 7 Laptop (Recently updated to Windows 10) for a long period of time and i love it. Works perfectly for what i use it for!" Lachlan, USA

"First of all I'd like to say a massive thank-you for your great software. I've been using different accounts related systems for over 20 years now and I'm very impressed with your product. The fact that one can use it for free makes it absolutely outstanding!" Ralf, UK

"I’ve been using admin soft for a couple of years now and am very happy with the accounting functions provided." Hedley, UK

"May l commend you for your wonderful Free Accounts Software. Its amazing and easy to use." Nsikan

"We are using your product which is, as of now, fabulous ! We are a very new e-commerce startup in India." Sumana, India

"It seems to do everything we’d want/need it to do, and to finally move us away from our ever growing collection of unconnected Excel workbooks!" Tim, UK

"Hi there I have been using adminsoft now for a few years as a registered user and love it." Kevin, Australia

"I have used adminsoft for a year or two and found it really useful." Mike, UK

"I've been trialling your accounts suite for a friend who is setting up a mechanics business. So far I'm impressed with your system, it seems to fit his needs nicely and should be great for him as both a computer and accounting novice." David, UK

"As I work away from home a lot, I have installed your accounts package on my laptop and it is working extremely well." Neil, USA

"Brillant piece of software. It's better than XXX cash." Seán, UK

"Firstly, let me say that I've just installed Adminsoft and it looks very good indeed." Anthony, UK

"I am using the latest version of your program which is great." Tobie, USA

"I am from east Africa, i just found this good software for non accountants, it works good for me." John, Tanzania

"I am really impressed by your software. It can do a lot of the things XXXXX or XXXXX can." Peter, Netherlands

"Firstly thank you for a super program. Easy to use and it has all the features needed for a small business." Reta, South Africa

"I've used your application for a long while now and I'm very satisfied with its results." Chris, UK

"I have downloaded your free software and am currently setting up my accounts. The package has everything I require." Neil, UK

"I have found Adminsoft very helpful and easy to use." Lauren, USA

"Thank you for providing this accounting software – it is brilliant!" Lesley, USA

"I have been using your software for some time now and generally it is an excellent alternative to many of the accounting packages available." Richard, UK

"Thank you for the excellent work with adminsoft. I’m really amazed by the functionalities of this software." Anouchka, Mauritius

"I have been enjoying using adminsoft and am so grateful on its derivable." Agrippa, Zimbabwe

"I'm currently running a test of this superb software at home before moving it to work. all seems very good." Mark, USA

"Thank you for all your support with Adminsoft. Its great software and its really helping me with managing our accounts in a clear way." Tim, UK

"I have been using Adminsoft for approx 2 years for a charity with excellent results." Ron, UK

"Thanks for doing what you do. It's nice to have good software that is either free or low cost with a real person who answers emails as well!" Ashleigh, Australia

"I have been using Adminsoft for a while and have also set this up in a couple of other companies who have found it to be a great asset to their business." Phillip, UK

"Thank you for developing this software. It very useful for business. I have download and working on it." Manoj, New Zealand

"Thank you so much for creating such a great accounting system!" Cherié, South Africa

"We're grateful for offering the world with such an wonderful software." Sourav, India

"I am using the Adminsoft accounting program and it does everything I need." Petrus, South Africa

"Just downloaded the accounts to try before purchasing. Great so far." Justin, UK

"I really love the scope of your software. It works very good." Wayne, Belize

"Really like the look of your software for running accounts and payroll for my marquee hire company." Richard, UK

"Many thanks for the software! It is pleasure to work with it! :)" Darren, Ireland

"I use Adminsoft accounts every day and I think it is excellent." Tony, UK

"I just downloaded your software. I was impressed with its capabilities." Mohammad, United Arab Emirates

"I am enjoying using your software it is fabulous." Jeremy, UK

"Please accept my congradulations for the amazing free accounting software you have created." Anatolios, Greece

"For some time now I have been looking for a software to replace what I use currently without any luck. Thus far, I REALLY like what I see in your accounting system and its inventory capabilities." Brian, USA

"Still love your product, and the development roadmap is bang on." Simon, Japan

"I just started to make an evaluation of the software which looks very promising." Philippe, France

"I experimented with AdminSoft Accounts some time ago, recommended the program to many others." Christian, UK

"Its a good program. I wish to purchase the software in the future." Keegan, Mauritius

"I have been very impressed with the software so far although I am new to using accounts packages." Lee, UK

"I came across your Adminsoft during an internet search for accounting software that wasn't cloud-based. So far, I really like the look of your software and I think it will do everything I need." Stephen, New Zealand

"I am a new user of Adminsoft and really impressed with the functions available for FREE! Previously used Qxxxxxxxxx in my old job at an extortionate monthly cost." Julie, UK

"I´ve just download Adminsoft in freeware mode, and it seems OK for us." Adolfo, Mexico

"I have just downloaded your software to evaluate. Seems very comprehensive, which is great." Steve, UK

"Thanks for producing the free accounting software! Its really easy to use and great for our small business." Daniel, UK

"Have just been recommended this by a friend." Natasha, New Zealand

"Glad that I found this software, which has many better features than the other accounting software that we have to buy." Ahamed, UK

"I have started running Adminsoft for my business, awesome package, its been fairly easy to install and setup and does everything we need it to do." Gary, New Zealand

"I have been looking for a good double-entry programme and have come across yours which is excellent." Rhoda, South Africa

"I downloaded Adminsoft a while ago and am happy to say I am so pleased with the user-friendliness of the programme." Colleen, South Africa

"I am so pleased with the accounts program that I want to start using the payroll facility." Keith, UK

"I use the Adminsoft Accounting package and it is absolutely perfect." Dave, South Africa

"I recently started using the software after taking more than a year to take the bold step. So far very happy." Daniel, South Africa

"I believe that you have created a very good accounting software as a Adminsoft Accounts!" Vlads, Norway

"We have been successfully using Adminsoft for 4 years now at a social enterprise which I help to run and I continue be pleasantly surprised by the quality and functionality of the software and the frequency of substantive updates and continue to recommend your product." Andrew, UK

"We have been using your software successfully, and thanks for all the work in getting it as far as it is." Robin, South Africa

"I have no words to make you understand our appreciation of your software, more so obtained free of charge." Ernest, Uganda

"I'd also like to say thanks for the product - I don't know how you manage to offer such a function-rich product for such a reasonable price. I can only assume it's a labour of love!" Mark, UK

"I have been using Adminsoft for the last one year and a half and I am very happy with it." Panos, Cyprus

"AdminSoft is VERY easy to set up! Amazingly simple!" Brian, UK

"Very impressive, very feature rich software." Billy, Ireland

"Have been using Adminsoft for 18 months or so and find it great." Martin, UK

"I have been using your software for a while now and its great." Jonathan, UK

"Many thanks on providing a comprehensive software system for small businesses." Steve, UK


"Thank you so much for your wonderful software!" Camen, UK

"I have down loaded your programme I love the look and it appears easy to use." Graeme, New Zealand

"I have installed your software. I have browsed through it and it is user friendly." Nadeem, Africa

"Great program. Keep up the good work." Peter, UK

"I am a new user to your software and find it really good. I found it very easy to setup and the functionality is great." George, South Africa

"I am a retired Accountant from Australia now living in Thailand and still do “a bit”. Recently I found your package and am, at this stage, very impressed! Well done." Jeffrey, Thailand

"This is a great product and I am looking forward to learning how to use it as I go." Robert, UK

"I very much like your program, it feels friendly and pleasant." Meelis, Estonia

"I have just viewed your adminsoft accounting software. It seems good to me." Rahad, Bangladesh

"I have just completed my year end accounts having used your system for a year and for the very first time in many years have reconciled my physical data with my computer data without needing to re-visit either. So I am very pleased with it and will continue to use it." Paul, USA

"I've been using your software for about 3 years now with no problems." Alan, UK

"I have downloaded your free version of accounts software and so far I am impressed." Pete, UK

"I came across your Adminsoft accounting sw quite recently and I am very impressed." Tomas, UK

"Great software by the way, we are quite new to the system but so far really, really impressed as it does everything we want plus lots more." Steve, UK

"I have been using Adminsoft for the past 12 months and is very pleased with the software." Rob, UK

"Fantastic software and it does all I require as a Taxi driver with my own company and drivers." John, UK

"I thanking you & your organization,because you are providing the best free software in the world. your product is most user friendly and easy to use When compare with other product. so i like it very much." Rizwan, UK

"We have come across your software Adminsoft accounts and it seem to be a rather good software." Poojan, Republic of Mauritius

"I really like it that there's no need to go through month/year-end closing procedure." Keith, USA

"I had not come across your software previously, but it seems quite impressive and I have now added it to my list of potential solutions for my clients :-)" Tim, UK

"I just came to across Adminsoft accounting program. I was toying with it the other day and I found it was a complete package for most businesses." Abdul, Yemen

"I am planning to use your software for my accounting needs, and I been playing with it for practice and I am very impressed.. Congratulations for your great work." Murat, United Arab Emirates

"What a great system you have-really impressive!" Roy, New Zealand

"This is great software! I’ve been using adminsoft for a few months and it is perfect for my one man band." Nick, UK

"Firstly, a BIG thank you for the great software you guys have made available to use to use! It is a tool that I could not do without!" Gerald, South Africa

"Many thanks for a great system." Roy, New Zealand

"We run a small business, I installed your software and I'm very pleased with it." Giovanni, Isle of Man

"Am now well into the system and like it a lot." Keith, UK

"May I say that I find your software very refreshing as it is not "bloatware" and does exactly what is says it does. I look forward to further functionality being available." Steve, UK

"I have just installed Adminsoft - looks great." Adrian, South Africa

"I have been a happy user and advocate for and of Adminsoft Account systems for some time now." Brian, UK

"I have recommended your brilliant software to our accountant, who is going to have a good look at it." Trevor, UK

"Have been using your software for quite a while (EXCELLENT SOFTWARE, BY THE WAY)." Luz, USA

"I have just installed your software and it looks good." Nicki, UK

"I am totally impressed by your program and the fact that other industries are being considered. I am also privileged to say that your software is becoming very famous in my home town.  I can't stop talking about how functional and practical your software is, that and the fact that it is totally user friendly.  I just love it. Thank you for being one of the software programmers that cares enough for the small business owner  to make your software free to use.  You are the best in my books." Lorraine, South Africa

"I would like to develop a course and workshop for this product in conjunction with yourselves, I was just blown away as to the functionality and relative ease of use. I've been in the accounting business since 1974 from costing to Acquisitions." Graham, UK

"I have just installed your software and it looks good." Nicki, UK

"I have been using your software and I love it." Hope, USA

"I have been evaluating,  and I  am in the process of purchasing [editors note: Software Registration Key] this software as I impressed by its usability." Kieran, UK

"I love using admin soft and will continue using and recommending to my friends." Samantha, UK

"You doing a great job. It's very good." Keerthi, Sri Lanka

"We have been using Adminsoft for a few years now and we are absolutely delighted with it." Barry, UK

"I have been researching replacement stock/ control/ invoicing/ accountancy software for a friend in the hairdressing business in Spain. Having reviewed several suggestions, he says your product seems ideal." Robert, Spain

"I have been looking at your software and think it is very good." Lee, UK

"Looks a great program that we could usefully adopt. Incidently I have got the book!" Mike, UK

"Love your product." Ronan, UK

"Firstly, both our clients who use Adminsoft have said how much they like it." Peter, France

"I have recently been using your system as part of my everday business.  I would like to say how great the system is and how easy it is for first time businesses to keep on track with things." Mitchell, UK

"I have downloaded and installed software. Not being an accountant but having small business - I find software quite user friendly." MC, South Africa

"I have just downloaded your package and it looks very interesting. Currently, and for many years, we have used the MYOB package but this will no longer be available to us from next year so we need a good, reliable alternative." Aidan, Ireland

"The system seems so good, the functions and thought that seems to have gone into it really seem to go above [REDACTED] and other accounts systems I have looked at." Charlotte, UK

"I am a new user in South Africa, and I think your product is great." Gerrit, South Africa

"Love your software – it is absolutely brilliant." Trevor, UK

"Firstly, A Big Thank You for the wonderful program that you have made available for us to use! Its an exceptional package and does everything we need it to do." Gerald, South Africa

"I have been looking for a software like yours and I like it a lot, very simple interface a couple of clicks and you know where things are." Harold, USA

"Congratulations on having such a wonderful software for free use, its very convenient especially for small growing businesses and very easy to use. I am actively promoting the use of Adminsoft in Uganda by helping first time users with installation." Amos, Uganda

"I am the Treasurer for our local village hall. Our income is low and we do not have the finances to purchase expensive accounts programs. I found your website yesterday and downloaded the program and it fits our needs exactly. It is easy to use which is very helpful as I am certainly no accountant. So Thank You for an efficient, easy to use and FREE program." Elizabeth, UK

"Many thanks for the update and the inclusion of OOffice as an alternative to MS Office. You don't know just how fantastic that is." John, South Afirica

"Just started using your software – which by the way on initial use looks very good." Russell, UK

"First I want to say that the Adminsoft Accounts software is really great." Eric, USA

"Loving the new V4 of Adminsoft Accounts, and the payroll part as well. The new features in 4.09 I have tried are copy and pasting HTML staight into Excel 2010 starter. Brilliant." Trevor, USA

"I would like to say your free program is great and has given me an insight into how my books should be kept official. I also find the program easy to use." Graeme, UK

"I would like to say that Adminsoft free version was perfect for our business." Christine, UK

"Just wanted to give my feedback about the program. To start off, I think the application is quite easy to use and laid out help. You also have good help on all the features." Raghu, India

"After going through your accounting package I must congratulate you for a job well done." Lee, Singapore

"I am very impressed with your software and when I have played around with it a bit more will buy a few copies." Bill, USA

"I would like to say thank you for this software. I really appreciate that you make it available for free. As I found it very useful I paid for it." Peter, UK

"Firstly congrats on a fantastic accounting program. I have been scouring the net for a free system as have found our local [REDACTED], also free, a bit difficult especially for non acountants." John, South Africa

"Many thanks in advance, I love your software." Sam, UK

"I am an accountant and I am thinking of using this package for my own accounts and once I understand it, to be able to recommend it to my clients. Stephen, UK

"Thank you for the programme.  It looks brilliant so far and fairly simple to use." Sharon, UK

"This is absolutely astounding support and customer care; I am most impressed and have been heavily promoting your software wherever possible. This is the only package that caters properly for PayPal fees." Dave, UK

"I have recently started using you account software to keep my books. The software is amazing and I'm grateful that you are good enough to let people use it free." Marc, UK

"The accounts software is really good." Hans, Germany

"i just started using your software since 2 days ago. so far, i find it is very useful and fulfill my needs. i am very happy with your brilliant idea." UK

"I installed this system and it is so great." Ryno, South Africa

"I congratulate you on a really great program, and I wish you more success." Petro, Saudi Arabia

"Thank you so much for your time and trouble in developing this wonderful accounting software." Robert, South Africa

"I am testing your software and so far it looks OK." Adriaan, Netherlands

"Been using the adminsoft accounting for a number of years. Like it a lot." Chris, USA

"Keep up the good work, I like the program very much." Andrew, UK

"I have almost got to the point of having set up the software to start using it, and generally find it relatively user-friendly compared to other products." Kevin, UK

"I think admin soft is a fantastic package." Samantha, UK

"First of all a big thank you and pat on the back to everyone involved in developing such an excellent piece of software." Barry, UK

"I am trying out your software for our company. It looks great." Fred, South Africa

"I have just downloaded your accounts program, which looks like it will do everything we are after." Rachel, UK

"I have just started using Adminsoft and it is amazingly easy to use and customize." Salim, Australia

"Thanks for providing the world with such a beautiful and easy to use software." Budhaditya, India

"This is the best accounting software ever, easy to use as well." Cindy, UK

"Love your product. Keep up you great work." Simon, UK

"I've now been using Adminsoft for 6 months and generally I'm very happy with how it works." Donovan, UK

"Have just installed your software and it is great." Nigel, UK

"I have tested your freeware and find it a outstanding piece of work. You guys have thought of everything." Sasha, UK

"Thank you very much for your free accounting software. It sure helps a lot for a small person like me, who just start a small business." Nordin, South Africa

"Really impressed with your accounting system." Dean, New Zealand

"I have been using Adminsoft for a while and it’s great." Stuart, UK

"Still loving Adminsoft!!" Chris, UK

"I am currently using the free accounts package, firstly, congratulations, its fantastic, I have used most accountancy packages in my time, and I love this one." Pamela, Ireland

"I have worked as a Systems Accountant for almost 5 years and I have to commend that your free software is highly recommendable and commendable." Ayo.

"Thank you for a good “Total Package” system. I started a small Industrial tool supply business, tried various software and found yours. I also tried *** Accounting freeware – nice basic software but not as informative and clear as yours." Lzak, South Africa

"Thank you very much for an excellent accounting package." Ridwan

"First of all I would like to thank the people at Adminsoft for producing an excellent piece of software! I have been using it for three days now and have found it to be really user friendly in comparison to the "***** accounts" that I have been using to raise my invoices for the last six years." Barry, UK

"I wanted to find a compact application to solve accounting issues for my firm. I found yours that I really appreciate." Zsolt, Hungary

"I am a Chartered Accountant....Congratulations. You have built an absolutely beautiful system." Graham, UK

"I love this accounting software" Kirsten, Australia

"I am trying your software and found to be good." Suresh, India

"Hi there - been using your software since February and loving it!!" Chris, UK

"After a days screening and checking and trial documents, I am happy to say that this seems to be what I need." Margret, South Africa

"Firstly I want to say thank you for the wonderful software that you guys have made available to us and this absolutely for FREE! A BIG THANK YOU! It could not have been easier! You guys have made it so simple and yet it has all the needs and functions of a purchased accounting package and is way more user friendly!" Gerald, South Africa

"A Big Hello from The Land Downunder! And a big thank you for your amazing software!" Grant, Australia

"I think it is a terrific program. It works very well for our small businesses." Tony, UK

"I found your program and spent a lot of time checking it out before deciding to use it. It looks perfect for my business." Michael, USA

"I have downloaded your automotive program and i like it very much as it works fine for my business" Ethel, New Zealand

"I have been using your programme for about 6 months and find it very easy to use" Roberto, Italy

"I am trialling your software which appears to be just what I am looking for" Jones, UK

"I think you have a great program and I will continue to use it now that I have had sometime to see the product." Patrick, Canada

"So far I've been capturing all my wife's business transactions on the software, and I like very much what I've encountered so far." James, South Africa

"I have just come across your website today, installed your software and trialled it. Thankyou - this is something I would consider recommending to my bookkeeping clients." Fleur, Australia

"I want to use your software. It is very easy and user friendly." Dipu, India

"Firstly I must just say that the installation and configuring of this software was amazingly effortless. Well done!" Ross, South Africa

"I have been using Adminsoft now for 3 months and am very impressed with its overall design" Andrew, UK

"I installed Adminsoft Accounting and love it" Dave, USA

"I am happy user of AdminSoft." Oren, USA

"I am using your software. Everything is perfect." Vitaly, UK

"Thank you for a very nice program." Anders, Denmark

"I downloaded your freeware program to try, and love it. I have downloaded several and found this one to be very user friendly." Joel, USA

"We have been using Adminsoft and we like it." Lina, Jakarta

"Thank you for creating a very comprehensive yet free accounting software." Angela, Singapore

"I have recently downloaded your Freeware and am currently evaluating whether it will do everything i need it to....but first indications are really encouraging." Stuart, UK

"Hi, just like to say your software is great." Rob, USA

"We are working now since October with your free account system and are very happy with it !" Markus, France

"Firstly, congrats on an application well done. The more I discover, the more I like." James, USA

"I am impressed with the program to date" Ron, USA

"I downloaded your software as freeware copy for starting new medical store. In future we will buy your software. I found it good." Muhammad, India

"I love your software it is fantastic! I work for a small company and and have just started using the software." Helen, UK

"I've just started using Adminsoft accounts and finding my way round it, looks good so far" Myles, UK

"Firstly, thank you for your fantastic software. It seems to be everything I could hope for in a business accounting application." Bev, USA

"Thanks for your good accounting program." Marcel, Malawi

"After looking around the internet for several days, I came across Adminsoft and have been very impressed with its ease of use.." Cohen, UK

"I have been trying out your accounting package which I think is superb." Jason, UK

"I am evaluating your system ........ I am not an expert - but I am impressed." Gert, South Africa

"What I've seen so far, in an hour's time, looks great." Jean

"I have just started to use your accounting software, which looks great!" Ian

"I was looking on the net for an accounting software and I came across with your application.  I downloaded and installed the app and I must say that I was positively impressed." Omar, Malta

"I am just trying out your accounts software and I must say it looks pretty good and easy to use...." Nick, Spain

"Nice program.  I have been using MS Accounting 2008 Express and have found it to be too cumbersome in that its operating properties really tie up one’s machine – IT’S A HOG!! Adminsoft is nicely compacted without the hoggish bells and whistles." Albert

"I just downloaded your software possibly for a friend to use.  Quickbooks is just too expensive and forces purchasing a new one every time you turn around. Thank you for the freeware!" Sherrie, Costa Rica

"Yesterday I downloaded your accounting software - looks good, thank you." Roseanne, UK

"I have been evaluating the adminsoft accounts package and am suitably impressed....." David

"I have downloaded Adminsoft accounts and checking that it is suitable to my needs. I have created a file in Sage 50 format from my existing customer database and imported it successfully into your system - worked beautifully with 10,000+ records." Steve, UK

"I am using your freeware version of adminsoft, which I have found very useful...." Chris, UK

"Still finding my way around the system but from what I can see it looks a really good package." Clive, UK

"I came across your free accounts download - and was both amazed and touched at your ingenuity and generosity! Thank you for sharing your expertise with small business owners like myself who are so overwhelmed by all the 'technology that is available but never affordable' out there!" A'isha, USA

"Fantastic support for this product and much appreciated by me......" Chris, Isle of Man

"Thank you for a comprehensive, very user friendly software package." Younus, South Africa

"I have been testing a lot of accounting software at the moment and find this the most user friendly." Diana, Australia

"I just wanted to say thank you for developing such a great and comprehensive program!!" Thomas, USA

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"Looks like a very nice accounting program." Bob, USA

"Hello, recently I have downloaded, to tryout, adminsoft accounts.  I like the program so far...." Mark, USA

"Still trying it out but looks very promising."

"It's a little early yet to tell how your software runs but from the few minutes I spent with it I was pleasantly surprised."

"I have looked at hundreds over the years and I must say your package is very good - easy to set up - logical to use - simple to enquire - drill downs - reasonable pre defined reports. I think most small business owners could get their heads around this - well done!"

" could easily take this package forward as a medium to large corporate package and charge accordingly - with plenty of consulting hours!" - note from Adminsoft: Thanks, but we'll continue to ship it as Freeware!

"I found your software on the internet whilst looking for something else and I looked at this and thought this was the best system yet I have come across for my new business venture well done. Thank you."

"Looks like a great program and am excited about using it instead of Quick Books! Thanks for making it available."

"Through start-up I have found this software to be extremely powerful. I can't wait to go live with it. It will save me so much time and frustration. With the accounting and customer features I will have much more time for selling. Thank you thank you thank you."

"We are a New Zealand small business intending to provide education and industry training to specific learners and locally Whihc is a small island in the Pacific off the Coast of New Zealand. we think your service is awesome and will be sending it on to our networks as we grow and develop. Thankyou"

"Simply better than the best"

"This Software is well written and has a good feel about it. I would recommend this product to any one. Keep up the good work you have a great program. Allan"

"I haven't fully experience with it yet but I think it has all the features I have been looking for for my small internet business."

"Fantastic I have tried out 5 different accounting software packages this weekend after setting up my company this will be the one that stays."

"The Best Small Business Free Account Software available! Excellent work!"


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